Ioan and Sabita Biris
From The Founders
Beauty is skin deep. Our products do not change people into top models. What they do is allow your inner beauty to shine. They will erase some of the mistakes of our past, allowing you to feel beautiful, confident and frankly, a bit happier.
Ioan and Sabita Biris
Our Story

Our background is electronic engineering. We specialized in digital signal and analog conversion. You might think that electronics and cosmetics formulations are different, but they share similarities.

We approach each formulation as engineers. We study all published research and then we think about acidity and ingredients that can add synergy to the actives. We follow a minimalist philosophy. No fluff ingredients, even if it helps marketing.

Once the first batch trial is done, we analyse the chemicals to make sure there are no reactions between ingredients. When this step is cleared, we check the sensorial aspect.

Normally we make at least 20 to 25 formulations to achieve the sensorial profile we like (not tacky, or sticky, fast absorbance) etc.

Next step is stability and microbiology testing. It needs to pass both, in order to be able to sell. I left one step or rather ingredient, out. Our passion. We will innovate not follow, we will invent not copy.

Hopefully you can see that in our work.

All Skin Types

Our products are designed for all skin types. All sexes. We don’t know if they are suitable for extra-terrestrial skins 🙂

Pure Naturals

All of our products are designed to rely on natural ingredients... when possible. Our formulations are 97.9% to 100% made with natural ingredients. We do not use parabens, silicones, mineral oils, alcohols or anything that can harm you. We publish all our ingredients along with EWG notes.

Animal testing

We do not test our products on animals. Life is sacred.


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