Anti Aging Sugar Exfoliant

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Our sugar exfoliant is a great alternative to acid based exfoliators. Not only is it gentle, but it will also increase the HA and collagen for a very powerful anti-aging effect.


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Subject Regime:

NAG + Vitamin C + Niacinamide + Betaglucan + Antiaging Oil

Why is it better?

All exfoliants are based on acids. They dissolve the glue between cells but work at very acidic levels, they can be harsh and disruptive to skin. Our sugar based exfoliant is different, the active N Acetyl Glucosamine is naturally found in epidermis. NAG exfoliates at PH 4.7 (same as skin). It will not photosensitize (unlike acid) or dry the skin. Gentle and can be used daily.

What it does:

NAG binds to the cell’s renewal receptors, speeding up the natural process. Skin penetration is good, exfoliation happens on the surface and deeper layers. With new cells, sebum production and pore size are reduced. Since NAG is a building block of hyaluronic acid, the skin will produce more HA and collagen. Skin will be renewed and hydrated. It works within in 2-8 weeks.

How to use it:

Apply 2-4 drops to the face and neck area and massage gently (your skin might need slightly less / more). Use once a day. After drying (10-30 sec) use an oil on top, to increase skin hydration.

This item has a low cost because we believe in ethical pricing. Instead of celebrity endorsers, we hope that our clients will spread the word of our products. That can only happen if they are satisfied.


IngredientsCountry of OriginExtractionEWG Scores
Acetyl glucosamineN/A Cancer
Developmental & Reproductive Toxicity
Allergies & Immunotoxicity
PropanediolFranceBacterial fermentation Cancer
Developmental & Reproductive Toxicity
Allergies & Immunotoxicity
Sodium PCAN/A Cancer
Developmental & Reproductive Toxicity
Allergies & Immunotoxicity
Acacia Senegal GumN/A Cancer
Developmental & Reproductive Toxicity
Allergies & Immunotoxicity
Xanthan GumN/A Cancer
Developmental & Reproductive Toxicity
Allergies & Immunotoxicity
PhenoxyethanolN/A Cancer
Developmental & Reproductive Toxicity
Allergies & Immunotoxicity
EthylhexyglycerinN/A Cancer
Developmental & Reproductive Toxicity
Allergies & Immunotoxicity
GluconolactoneEUBacterial fermentation Cancer
Developmental & Reproductive Toxicity
Allergies & Immunotoxicity

How to Use?

Apply 3 to 4 drops to clean, dry skin. Gently massage into face and neck using circular motions. Then, follow with your moisturizer. For optimal results, we recommend using this product consistently for at least four weeks.

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7 reviews for Anti Aging Sugar Exfoliant

  1. Mel K.

    I am a 52 years young woman and used exfoliants before. This NAG serum is very different. No stinging when applied, it feels more like a hydrating serum. It sinks in quite well. After a week of use there is definitely something happening but I cannot say what it is. My skin seems “better looking”. Recommended!

  2. Amy V.

    I’ve been using this serum for almost 2 weeks . And I love how my skin is glowing, and looks brighter . I recommend it for that useful glowy look. Previously I used AHA exfoliant but they were burning my skin. This feels more like a hydration serum

  3. Shanna K.

    Great exfoliator and different than anything out there. It does not burn or sting. My skin feels hydrated and radiant .

  4. Antonia V.

    I bought it as my skins getting older, pores larger and a bit of pigmentation- use it as part of my morning routine, my skin is a lot brighter/clearer and pores have definitely reduced.

  5. sophia J.

    Not a miracle , but as close as possible. An exfoliant that leaves my skin plump. I use it in the morning and then vit C serum and finish with antiaging oil .

  6. Diane N.

    I am 50 years young and already have a skincare regime using Ordinary products. I bought this to try instead of my AHA for the past month.
    This NAG based exfoliant its very different than AHA/ BHA exfoliants . The PH is very close to the natural PH of skin so there is zero stinging or redness . However , unlike AHA/BHA , it takes longer to work on the skin. I would say about a week (instead of 1 day for AHA).As of now , I am still using my AHAs once a week and this exfoliant other 4-5 days a week. It does hydrate the skin from the first application. Overall 4 stars

  7. Geetika C.

    Feel more hydrating than exfoliant .

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